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We are an IP-driven, medical device startup with a bold vision to eliminate needless blindness from the world. We are a team of visionary scientists, bright engineers, patient investors and industry veterans. We are developing a novel customization technology platform that would allow patients and surgeons to personalize intraocular lenses to enable spectacle-free LASIK-quality vision at all distances eliminating the need for any post-surgical intervention like wavefront-corrected LASIK or progressive spectacles. Using our technology, we also plan to bring down the manufacturing cost of hydrophobic foldable IOLs at par with their hard PMMA counterparts. Thus, IOL product line based on our technology would be affordable to every needy cataract patient

Technology & Intellectual Property

  • Polymer Chemistry: Novel biocompatible refraction-changing formulation of FDA-approved materials

  • Custom- Manufacturing: Novel methodology of cast-molding IOLs

  • Precision Instrumentation: Precision metrology and optical instrumentation for IOL customization

  • Advanced Algorithms: To calculate the precise IOL customization recommended, needed or requested by the surgeon and the patient based on ocular data

Products Under Development

E-SITE™ and I-SITE™: Customized IOLs to correct any combination of lower and higher order aberrations, including for post-LASIK cataract patients and bottom of the pyramid MSICS surgery patients. Customizations can also include but not limited to multimodality, HoA correction, extended depth of focus, near vision correction or a combination of the above. These IOLs are expected to be affordable to an average cataract patient

Service Offerings

  • Lens Material: Leveraging on our in-depth knowledge of polymer chemistry, we can tailor the mechanical properties of IOL (viz. tack, unfolding time, haptics strength, etc.) for optimum 'touch and feel'.

  • Lens Manufacturing: We have developed a modular cast molding manufacturing technology to produce single-piece hydrophobic foldable IOLs which do not need any milling, polishing or tumbling operation. This reduces manual intervention in IOL manufacturing, reduces plant footprint and hence, results in 5-10X reduction in manufacturing cost. We are currently offering services for existing IOL manufacturers to setup hydrophobic monofocal IOL manufacturing facility.

  • Optical Design & Simulations: Optical system design and evaluation using advanced simulations and algorithms.


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